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Glass Replacement

Fixing Broken Glass

From windows to picture frames

Residential & Commercial
Glass Panes

Sealed Units


Replacing just the glass-insert portion of a window can be an alternative to needing a whole new window.

Plant Mirror Reflection

Glass Types


Choose the right glass for the job. There are a number of types of glass that are suited to different applications from mirror to lexan.

<Glass Types>

-for equipment or boats

-House Hold

-Sanding the edge


[screen replacement]

[a/c screen]






Sealed units refer to the dual or triple pane glass-insert portion of a window. Replacing just the sealed unit can be an alternative to needing a whole new window.


[Different glass types to suit the application

Learn More <Glass Types>]


[Saving energy... Saving you dollars!

​Adding Low-E Coating and Argon Gas can be compared to adding another layer of insulation to your wall.

Learn More  <Energy Saving Glass Options>]


Some sealed units can be made in-shop. If they are too large or require Low-E Coating or Argon Gas then they will need to be ordered.


Free In-Town Estimates

-For supply and install we will come and measure for you.

-For supply-only we will provide an estimate based off your measurements. For more information on how to measure for your sealed units please refer to our Sealed Units Measuring Guide. <sealed units measuring guide>





(Take photos of a Sealed Unit install with some stops out of place, draw arrows like the window measuring guide)

Give explaination of what sealed unit is

What needs to be specified when ordered: Dual or Triple, OD, W x L






There are different types and thicknesses of glass that are suited for different applications.










Lexan - Can be cut with tools like wood into shapes or have holes cut into it


Rock Glass - Stronger than Lexan, more scratch resistant.


Tempered - is a type a glass that undergoes a special processing to create a stronger glass. When broken it shatters into smaller pieces


There are many benefits to new windows.​

Glass Panes

Professionally made A/C Screens 


Keep the bugs out with new screen. Broken frame? No problem - we can make them from scratch too!

Measurement Services

We have put together this comprehensive window measuring guide. 



van no bg.png

Regular clear glass units can typically made in-shop depending on size and glass type. If the sealed unit contains any Low-e coating or Argon gas it has to be ordered in.

We can also make sealed units using LEXAN. It is a more expensive product. We typical suggest lexan units over glass ones to customers who are frequently having their glass broken (more commonly sold to more rural communities). Lexan is said to have over 250 times the impact resistance compared to regular glass. 

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