Commercial Store Fronts

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Completely Customizable.

If you've got a vision we would love to bring it into existence for you.

There are endless options.

We custom order reliable products to fit your unique requirements.

Framing Options

Aluminum framing is the most common in commercial builds.

Available finishes:

  • Clear Anodized

  • Black

  • Bronze

Door Glass/Panels

Note: Door glass will always be a safety glass (tempered, safety laminate, etc).

  • Full Glass

  • Full Panel (no glass)

  • Partial Glass (half glass,
    quarter glass, etc)



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Done Right.


We follow the provincial guidelines put forth by The Accessibility for Manitobans Act to ensure our accessibility solutions are are up to code.

Commercial grade overhead doors and openers to meet all your business needs!


Replacing just the glass-insert portion of a window can be an alternative to needing a whole new window.


We have a wide selection of replacement parts for windows.


Rekeying solutions specifically for businesses including master keying

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Glass Options

All glass options are available with
Low-E coating and Argon gas.

  • Clear

  • Tinted (available in brown)

  • Reflective (can't see inside, clearly see outside)

  • Lexan

  • Rock Glass

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Saving energy...
Saving you dollars!

Adding Low-E Coating and Argon Gas can be compared to adding another layer of insulation to your wall.