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New Product! Security Shutters
​Example 1: The 440 Series and 540 Series slats are filled with an "ultra hard resin" making them the strongest and best option. So if you're looking for added security or to take further precautions to protect your glass units from being broken these are the two best options for you. 

Example 2: The 400 Series and 500 Series slats are filled with a "regular density foam" making them more like an added layer of insulation as apposed to a protective barrier, although they can still take more force than a window pane. 

Obviously the stronger the slats the more expensive the security shutter. But you can't put a price on safety, and who knows maybe these are just what targeted business's up north need to save on their costs. (Shutter prices would all vary depending on the size so they'd have to receive a quote) 

Mike said he doesn't want us to advertise the different "operation options" because to him "the less moving parts the better". So we'll just encourage people looking into shutters to lean towards the "manual push-up" option (like the display on Mike's office window), or "crank"option. 

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