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Key & Lock Services

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Door Hardware
Nor-Man Glass Lock & Rekeying

Key Cutting

We carry a wide selection of key blanks for a variety of locking hardware. For more details and to check whether we may have your blank contact our office.

Key Stamping


Key stamping is a great way to organize your keys. Up to three letters or digits can be selected to indicate different uses. Especially useful if you have one or more of the same style of key on the same key ring.

Rekeying Locks


Chances are your lock can be rekeyed rather than replaced. Rekeying means you can keep the same lock and we can reconfigure it to open with a different key.

Keying Locks Alike


If you're looking to reduce the amount of keys on your keychain, have your lock sets and deadbolts for your home/property keyed alike, so they all open with the same key. 


Have one key open several different lock sets that each have their own key way. This benefits landlords for example where each tenant has their own key and the landlord can open all suites with their master key.

Mastering Locks

We do not offer lock-out services for homes or vehicles.


All key and lock services
are provided at
Nor-Man Glass
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